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During the last game session with the 2.0.9 standard version two bugs 
were discovered:

A) At some point my income was fixed to nine and payment to zero. Changing
the tax rates had no effect on this. This occurred immediately after 
Adam Smith's ... wonder. When I restarted the client the bug disappeared.

B) Many players (3) complained that even after disabling AI mode with
AITOGGLE their tax rates and sometimes even production lines could
be altered by the AI. Toggling the mode back and on didn't seem to help.
Maybe the AI got stuck on for some reason? We can't understand why
it should remain on after a player has joined anyway... (In our game it
stays on until the AITOGGLE command is issued, even if a player joins)

Also sometimes the client crashes when I'm in the City Dialog. This occurs
maybe once in 50-100 turns. I haven't found out what exatcly happens. The
screen just stops refreshing itself and if I move the City Dialog the 
will be white. Restarting the client allows me to resume the game 
normally. I'm
using Ubuntu Linux 6.06 LTS if that's any help.

-Lauri Uotinen

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