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> Hello,
> another bug that has been in all the 2.1.0 beta
> versions; I dont know if it has been reported yet:
> Even in terrain which is under fog of war; it is
> possible to see "border changes". In other words;
> if another nation builds a city in an area with fog
> of war; I can not see the new city but the new borders
> without traveling there again.
> Similiar, if a city is conquered, I still see it
> belonging to the "former" nation, but with a new
> border, allowing me to "guess" what happened before
> sending a scoutship.
> Ingo
> --

In pre-2.1 trunk, the borders weren't updated under FOW, but were left
as the were the last time you 'explored' them. This had a very
confusing effect, where the landscape constantly shifted when you
moved in fogged terrain. It also cluttered the map with border
artifacts if you didn't constantly 're-explore' your surroundings.

Maybe a simpler and less noisy solution would be to simply not draw
borders under FOW..?


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