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There is greater variety in civ3 (and other) terrain.

Hills can be dry, grassy, and/or forested.

Mountains can be dry, wet, icy, or volcanos.

Oceans have several depths, with ridges, trenches, and vents/volcanos.

Of course, not every combination is allowed.  It should be possible to
designate letters representing each valid combination.


Here's my first draft of a table.  What have I missed?

  d desert
  D desert + hills

  p plain
  P plain + hills + evergreen
  q plain + hills + deciduous
  Q plain + hills + jungle

  g grass
  G grass + hills + evergreen
  k grass + hills + deciduous
  K grass + hills + jungle

  s swamp (grass)
  S swamp (grass) + evergreen
  z swamp (grass) + deciduous
  Z swamp (grass) + jungle

  t tundra
  T tundra + hills

  i ice (glacier)
  I ice + hills

  e evergreen forest (plain)
  E evergreen forest (grass)
  f deciduous forest (plain)
  F deciduous forest (grass)

  j jungle (grass) [existing]
  J jungle (plain)

  h hills (plain) [existing]
  H hills (grass)

  m mountains (bare)
  M mountains (icy)

  v volcano (bare)
  V volcano (icy?)

  l fresh (higher elevation, has river to ocean)
  . salt (lower elevation, no river to ocean)

ocean (formerly ' '):
  . coast
  , sea/shelf
  : floor
  ; trench

  ^ ridge
  ! vents

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