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Second draft, with minor corrections reconciling earlier attempts:

   a ice (arctic, glacier)
   A ice + hills

   t tundra
   T tundra + hills

   d desert
   D desert + hills

   p plain
   P plain + hills + evergreen
   q plain + hills + deciduous
   Q plain + hills + jungle

   g grass
   G grass + hills + evergreen
   k grass + hills + deciduous
   K grass + hills + jungle

   s swamp (grass)
   S swamp (grass) + evergreen
   z swamp (grass) + deciduous
   Z swamp (grass) + jungle

   e evergreen forest (plain)
   E evergreen forest (grass)
   f deciduous forest (plain) [existing]
   F deciduous forest (grass)

   j jungle (grass) [existing]
   J jungle (plain)

   h hills (plain) [existing]
   H hills (grass)

   m mountains (bare)
   M mountains (icy)

   u unseen [reserved]

   v volcano (bare)
   V volcano (icy?)

water (formerly ' '):
   + fresh lake (higher elevation, has river to ocean)
   - salt sea (lower elevation, no river to ocean)

   . coast
   , shelf
   : floor (deep)
   ; trench (abyss)

   ^ ridge
   ! vents

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