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Per I. Mathisen wrote:
> I do not really have much of an opinion on whether LOG_FATAL or LOG_ERROR 
> should be translated or not. However, LOG_VERBOSE and LOG_DEBUG should 
> never be translated - they are not meant for public consumption, just 
> debugging.
I found several instances of LOG_FATAL that SHOULD be translated, as they
inform the user that no rulesets can be found, or that the savegame is too
old, or uses a terrain ruleset that is no longer supported.  The user
wouldn't have any idea about the installation problem without translation.

Otherwise, most are:
   /* TRANS: message for an obscure ruleset error. */

Those were eliminated.  Such errors should be found before shipping, or are
truly odd bugs that should be reported verbatim.

I found many instances of LOG_ERROR that should be LOG_FATAL, as they are
just before an exit or assert(FALSE).

Otherwise, removed all translation of LOG_ERROR, LOG_VERBOSE and LOG_DEBUG
in ruleset and savegame, and where the tech/advance was translated for a
log message elsewhere.

Also, based on other recent reports here, added the filename to most
logging messages, so that we can figure out where problems are located.

> LOG_NORMAL is used to display all the usual information in the server 
> command-line, so it should definitely be translated.
Agreed.  In ruleset and savegame, those (both) are translated.

Trunk revision 13000.

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