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> [guest - Tue Jun 05 17:16:29 2007]:
> > [EMAIL PROTECTED] - Mon Apr 09 21:46:34 2007]:
> > 
> > Here are some bugs from a long game I played.
> > For some strange reason, Sun Tzu's War Academy is unavailable for
> building.
> > It is crossed out on the build list even after gaining Feudalism.  If
> it was
> > built and destroyed in the early game (don't think it was), then the
> > Traveler's Report should list it as destroyed.
> I can confirm this happens on 2.1.0-beta4 as well. However, the fact
> that it is crossed out on the build list does not mean you can't build
> it! As a   test, I added it, and when the previous item was completed,
> my city started building the war academy, no problem. (It still shows up
> as crossed out in the worklist, but otherwise behaves normally -- it
> calculates turns to complete, I've used a caravan to contribute to it,
> etc.) 
> I'm crossing my fingers that I won't run into a further bug when it
> tries to complete and give me the veteran bonus. I will followup once I
> get further along in the game and it completes.

To follow up to my own post -- Sun Tzu's War Academy completed building
with no problems, and now is functioning as advertised -- new land units
are created as veterans. So this is some sort of display bug only; for
some weird reason it shows up in the build list using a strikeout font.
I haven't seen that font used elsewhere (if you can't build a Wonder for
whatever reason, it just doesn't show up as an option in the production

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