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Due to a bug where sheight is not fetched before a sprite but after,
gov sprites can show up misaligned. Mystery why this doesn't happen
with default ruleset.

It does show up with ancients modpack 2.1.0-1 and ampcients tileset.
What it looks like: Gov icon on a tech is drawn too high, so that it
sits at text height, halfway out of the box.

The patch is to get_sprite_dimensions before canvas_draw_sprite_full,
which was probably intended all the time.

Patch against S2_1, r13006, this is a bug fix that should go into the
branch and trunk I hope

Index: client/reqtree.c
--- client/reqtree.c	(revision 13006)
+++ client/reqtree.c	(arbetskopia)
@@ -967,12 +967,12 @@
              if (preq->source.type == REQ_TECH
 	         && preq->source.value.tech == node->tech) {
                  sprite = get_government_sprite(tileset, gov);
+                 get_sprite_dimensions(sprite, &swidth, &sheight);
  				       starty + text_h + 4
  				       + (height - text_h - 4 - sheight) / 2,
- 	        get_sprite_dimensions(sprite, &swidth, &sheight);
  	        icon_startx += swidth + 2;
              } requirement_vector_iterate_end;
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