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We need a more flexible calender for rulesets, and with effects I
think we have a quite efficient way to do it.

My idea was that we need a relatively easy way to do this so that it
actually happens.

1. Implement 'startyear' server option
2. Modify Slow_Down_Timeline option:
Always apply
Allow both positive and negative values, the cumulative value counts
and should be ignored if negative
4. Add "YearGt", "YearLt" requirement types for effects (year greater
than or equal, year less than or equal. Could alternatively be based
on turns).
3. Implement all calendar slow down with this effect, and cut out
parts where years are hardcoded in the code

4. Make sure client/server communication works and make sure savefiles work.

Without this, only the very civlike rulesets and scenarios can have
timelines that work for them.

The minimal fix would be to provide 'startyear'; then with the help of
Slow_Down_Timeline the timeline can be slowed down early in the game
(if spacerace is allowed, which it can be without being buildable)

For example the ancients modpack would benefit from this, and
potentially any modpack

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