On Sat, 2007-07-14 at 05:15 -0700, William Allen Simpson wrote:
> <URL: http://bugs.freeciv.org/Ticket/Display.html?id=39456 >
> Pepeto _ wrote:
> > Please, change it for 1.14, 2.0, 2.1 and trunk branches.
> > 
> Not a crashing bugfix, so 2.1 and trunk only.

!! go out of stagnation mode
you are causing an unmanageable nightmare
and fix the thing in

or create a branch like
where obvious and bad behaviors can accumulate

Since i am on this list since version 1.14 era
i know what i am talking about

Do not you see that something is wrong here
regarding this patch been discard for 2.0 ? 
you must find a place for the fix for version 2.0

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