Gilles J. Seguin wrote:
> !! go out of stagnation mode
> you are causing an unmanageable nightmare
> and fix the thing in
> branches/S2_0/client/gui-gtk-2.0/cma_fe.c
The stagnation of stable 2.0 is expected.  The next release is 2.1 --
stalled for years due to so many serious bugs itself.

You are aiming your ire at the wrong person.  I've listed and fixed
*crashing* bugs in 2.0, see PR#39441, but the powers that be have not
released 2.0.10.

> you must find a place for the fix for version 2.0
No.  Cosmetic changes are not appropriate for 2.0.x, which is no longer
under development.

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