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On 24/08/07, Christian Knoke <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> ./configure --enable-client=no --with-ggz-server
> checking for GNU xgettext version >= 0.10.36... no
> configure: WARNING: You may have problems with creating pox files.
> Please update your gettext package.
> checking for GNU msgfmt version >= 0.10.35... no
> configure: error: You are unable to create *.gmo files.
> This is development version which doesn't include them. Please update
> your
> gettext package. We recommend you versions >= 0.10.38. Or use
> --disable-nls instead.

 What happens if you add configure option '--with-included-gettext'?

 It is available in 2.1.x, but not in future versions.

 - ML

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