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On 9/6/07, David Nuttall <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
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> Good afternoon,
> I have noted the following problems and ideas while playing the latest beta of
> FreeCiv.
> FreeCiv Bugs:
> 01.  On-line Help:  Wonders show Required=0 and "Obsolete By" as the tech
> required, instead of the technology advance that renders it obsolete.
> 02.  Selecting Nations:  Choosing any ?nationgroup gives an empty list.
> 03.  Games - Local Options:  Screen too long to fit on 1024 X 768 screen.  The
> program should check screen size.  The Ok and Cancel buttons on the bottom are
> inaccessible.
> 04.  Sometimes focus goes to another application, which was just sitting in 
> the
> background, when closing pop-up window.
> FreeCiv suggestions:
> 01.  On-line Help:  Give on-line help for the starting game options, not just
> the HTML files.
> 02.  On-line Help:  Show path to each technology advance (not just what it
> allows, but what allows it).
> 03.  On-line Help:  Put images from the tile set in the help display.
> 04.  When picking a name from the listbox when selecting nations, the program
> should set the appropriate gender for the person, but let the player change it
> after.
> 05.  Do not put up "Welcome to Freeciv" window with Game Options until the
> server is connected.
> 06.  Show which wonders are obsolete on WorkList.
> I also have some crashes at various times.  I have not been able to determine 
> a
> consistent cause, but it always reports a General Protection Fault in 
> OR DLL, I forget which).  It generally crashes after a couple of hours of 
> play.
>  I have yet to complete a game after 6 or 7 attempts.
> I am running on a Windows 98, Celeron II, 400 MHz with 320 MB of RAM and
> somewhere around 30 GB of disk free on the partition containing Windows and
> Program Files.  Any other details or test you want, just ask.
> I will try the last stable instead.
> David Nuttall, Computer Specialist
> Nuttall Computer Consulting

Hi David,

Reading your report I get the impression you are running the native
Win32 version. I suggest you try the SDL port instead. It is much more
stable. The only thing is that you have to use the command line to
save and load games.

BTW, your games are always autosaved every few turns. So even if the
game crashes, you should be able to resume playing without losing much


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