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> > # Font in SDL-client
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> [snippet]
> > 1. Please write in your Docs/FAQs/Wiki - "How to change used font in
> > Freeciv SDL-client.."
> > 2. Please use font "DejaVu" (not "Vera") as your delault font for 
> > SDL-client..
> >
> Excellent idea! DejaVu's official website is at: 
> http://dejavu.sourceforge.net/
> I'll run some tests with the different versions of the font. The most
> stable one (LCG) supports the extended Latin scripts of certain
> eastern European languages such as Czech, as well as Cyrillic and
> Greek alphabets. An experimental version also includes Arabic and
> Hebrew scripts among others, that we could have use for.

I ran some tests with DejaVuSans.ttf available in the
"dejavu-ttf-2.19" package from

It works very nicely in Czech, Greek, Russian, and Ukrainian locales.
In Arabic, Farsi, and Hebrew locales, the letters show up fine, but in
the wrong direction. The SDL client does obviously not support
right-to-left writing systems. Chinese, Japanese, and Korean are not

One thing I noticed is that it seems to have greater line spacing than
Vera, giving the message windows and menus an 'airier' feel.


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