I think that I should write some documentation about how to setup and run 
the web client, because currently that takes a lot of effort. Each 
web-browser session gets its own civclient process. The civclient 
process is launched from the Java application server (Resin), and at the 
moment the civclient can only be run from the command line for debugging 
purposes if it is invoked with correct parameters. So you really have to 
setup the application server correctly first, before you can get the whole 
thing running.

The data directory was left out because I don't have any more storage 
space on the server. I would be really great if a new branch could be 
created in SVN on gna.org for this "experiment". Otherwise it would be 
difficult to share the source code.

Anyway, it's great that you gave it a try, event though there is still 
quite a long way to go.

  - Andreas

On Tue, 11 Sep 2007, Christian Prochaska wrote:

> Unfortunately the data directory is missing from the Freeciv snapshot
> in your archive and with a copy from trunk revision {2007-08-18} (date
> from api_gen.h) the client prints
> 2: Client does not support overhead view tilesets.
> 2: Using default tileset instead.
> and then crashes:
> (gdb) bt full
> #0  0xb7bf267b in strlen () from /lib/libc.so.6
> No symbol table info available.
> #1  0x08087b8c in real_mystrdup (str=0xf423f <Address 0xf423f out of bounds>,
>    called_as=0x80f8631 "strdup", line=101, file=0x8110e58 "sprite.c")
>    at mem.c:139
> No locals.
> #2  0x080f5fe6 in crop_sprite (source=0x81e78c0, x=0, y=240, width=96,
>    height=48, mask=0x0, mask_offset_x=-1, mask_offset_y=-1) at sprite.c:101
>        sprite = (struct sprite *) 0x81e88d0
> #3  0x08077bfe in load_sprite (t=<value optimized out>,
>    tag_name=0xbfe98268 "city.size_0") at tilespec.c:1426
>        sf_w = 999999
>        sf_h = 999999
>        __PRETTY_FUNCTION__ = "load_sprite"
> #4  0x0808145d in tileset_load_tiles (t=0x81ce018) at tilespec.c:1933
>        dir_name = <value optimized out>
> #5  0x080f58ed in ui_main (argc=1, argv=0xbfe98844) at gui_main.c:82
>        err = <value optimized out>
>        t1 = 4278845440
>        auto_start_server = <value optimized out>
>        i = <value optimized out>
> #6  0x0804ffa4 in main (argc=Cannot access memory at address 0x3
> ) at civclient.c:357
>        i = 1
>        loglevel = 2
>        ui_options = <value optimized out>
>        ui_separator = 233
>        option = <value optimized out>
>        user_tileset = 191
> (gdb)

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