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> [EMAIL PROTECTED] - So 09. Sep 2007, 14:39:00]:
> On 03/09/07, Marko Lindqvist wrote:
> >
> >  Well, I have no environment to *test*, but I wrote patch anyway. This
> > updates also mingw32 handling to present autoconf standards
> > (AC_CANONICAL_HOST has been recommended since autoconf-2.13)
>  Noticed that configure.ac already had AC_CANONICAL_TARGET. Replaced
> that with AC_CANONICAL_HOST as Freeciv is not cross-compiler (autoconf
> naming of build/host/target is sometimes confusing).
>  - ML

Works fine with MinGW, though a warning appears:

configure.ac:462: warning: AC_ARG_PROGRAM was called before

That's because AC_CANONICAL_TARGET is required by sdl.m4. This
requirement is gone in the sdl.m4 of the recent 2.1.12 release, so I
suggest we use that one instead (attached).

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