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On 27/09/2007, William Allen Simpson  wrote:
> Marko Lindqvist wrote:
> >  Messages meant for end-user should be translated.
> >
> Error messages meant for users are sent as message packets.

 From server?

 1) Client is not connected to server
 2) Server cannot know about some client-end errors

> LOG_ERROR is *never* meant for users, it is for developers.
> Messages and text in general which are shown in the GUI should be
> translated by using the "_()" macro. In addition freelog(LOG_NORMAL,
> ...) messages should be translated. The other loglevels (LOG_FATAL,
> LOG_ERROR, LOG_VERBOSE, LOG_DEBUG) should NOT be translated.

 That would make perfect sense if LOG_ERROR would have been used for
*freeciv* errors only, and not for broken input from user. Currently
this is not the case (and I consider this minor bug).

> If a user tries to load an unavailable soundset, it is a bug in the
> selections dialog, and a developer problem!

 Faulty command line option is user problem.

> >  Not sure if this also is response to user action (plugin selection):
> >
> > -    freelog(LOG_ERROR, _("Plugin %s found but can't be initialized."), 
> > name);
> > +    freelog(LOG_ERROR, "Plugin %s found, but can't be initialized.", name);
> >
> Again, a developer problem.  No user remediation is possible.

 Same here.

 - ML

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