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There seems to be a large number of corrupt strings in nl.po in S2_1,
S2_2, and trunk.

Some examples from S2_1 are:

#: client/gui-sdl/pages.c:298
msgid ""
"Freeciv is free software and you are welcome to distribute copies of it "
"under certain conditions;"
msgstr ""
"Freeciv is vrije software en u bent vrij om onder bepaalde "

 #: client/citydlg_common.c:389
 #, c-format
msgid "%+4d : Citizens\n"
msgstr "%+4d·:·Stedelingen\n"

#: data/nation/byzantium.ruleset:3
msgid "Byzantine"
msgstr "Byzantië"

#: data/nation/byzantium.ruleset:4
msgid "?plural:Byzantines"
msgstr "?plural:ByzantiÎrs"

(Didn't know 'Î' was a letter in the Dutch alphabet.)

If they're not fixed within a week or so, I'll go through the file and
mark corrupted strings as fuzzy.


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