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> [EMAIL PROTECTED] - Sun Aug 05 06:06:50 2007]:
> Playing freeciv on my home computer the last two days, I have
> experienced crashes that do one of a couple things. Sometimes it will
> freeze my whole computer, in as much that I can't change the status of
> my computer's numlock. Sometimes I get luckier, and freeciv itself
> crashes, but X doesn't. Other times, X crashes entirely, but I can
> CTRL-ALT-Bkspc. I decided maybe you guys could give me some advice. I
> am running kUbuntu Feisty (7.04) and am running this program in KDE. I
> tried using debug level 3 and your log feature to catch this, but
> unfortunately it didn't log quick enough. So, I logged the output of
> debug level three with screen, as is pasted below. I can send you the
> original file if you wish; I thought pasting would be better, if you
> have spam filters. I will continue playing the best I can, and
> continue logging. If you want more logs, I will have them.
> Thanks much,
> Karl

Please tell us what version of Freeciv you're running with which client?

The Xaw client working badly in KDE is a known bug, so if you're running
that, try another client like SDL. (
http://freeciv.wikia.com/wiki/Known_Bugs )


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