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> [wsimpson - Mer. Oct. 17 12:24:21 2007]:
> Pepeto _ wrote:
> > There is already a other ticket for this (see PR#30442).
> > 
> No, there isn't!  This was patched here!  Read the whole report.
> And you mistakenly linked "by" instead of "to".  30442 doesn't refer here.

The problem of this ticket is that it is for many things, I would prefer
per makes his patch in PR#30442, so I added this link. Sorry, I missed it.

> > This problems should be fixed now.
> > 
> Did you test it?  Don't close reports until you've personally tested them.

Yes I did, or I wouldn't close this. And this bugs were reported many
other times.

> And don't "take" such reports.  You didn't fix anything.

I "take" a report just to mark I take responsibility of closing it.

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