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Here's what i found, when the client is started it tries to fill the desktop 
except for a small horizontal strip at the bottom, which i assumed was so we M$ 
Windows users would be able to see their TaskBar, i do not have my TaskBar at 
the bottom of the desktop, but rather at the top, so i was annoyed by this 

I could not get the client to start up without this anomaly, so i set my 
Taskbar to auto-hide and was frequently annoyed that iff i moused up too far it 
would unhide and cover the Client GUI top menu - repeatedly!  So my mouse 
skills were also tested as i played - who says FreeCiv is not a 1st person 
shooter game!  ;)

later, i found that if i clicked on the bottom pixel of the client window i 
would get a normal window which could be moved away from my TaskBar - yaaaah!  
But if i did anything in local options the window would again resize and be 
covered bu the TaskBar - aaaargh!  I also noticed that that i had this set to 
fullscreen, i will try and resolve the 'issue' by setting the game to not 
fullscreen and hope i find my gaming Nirvana.

On the side of Development, the GUI people may want to really look into this, 
either take the whole Desktop or know where the TaskBar IS and allow for it so 
there is NO overlap of the default Client GUI window and TaskBar, or just set 
the default to non-fullscreen (aka Windowed).

Thanks for a really great GAME!!  =)

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