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> [EMAIL PROTECTED] - Mon Oct 29 15:04:42 2007]:
> Update:
> Here's what i found, when the client is started it tries to fill the
>    desktop except for a small horizontal strip at the bottom, which i
>    assumed was so we M$ Windows users would be able to see their
>    TaskBar, i do not have my TaskBar at the bottom of the desktop, but
>    rather at the top, so i was annoyed by this behavior.
> I could not get the client to start up without this anomaly, so i set
>    my Taskbar to auto-hide and was frequently annoyed that iff i
>    moused up too far it would unhide and cover the Client GUI top menu
>    - repeatedly!  So my mouse skills were also tested as i played -
>    who says FreeCiv is not a 1st person shooter game!  ;)
> later, i found that if i clicked on the bottom pixel of the client
>    window i would get a normal window which could be moved away from
>    my TaskBar - yaaaah!  But if i did anything in local options the
>    window would again resize and be covered bu the TaskBar - aaaargh!
>    I also noticed that that i had this set to fullscreen, i will try
>    and resolve the 'issue' by setting the game to not fullscreen and
>    hope i find my gaming Nirvana.
> On the side of Development, the GUI people may want to really look
>    into this, either take the whole Desktop or know where the TaskBar
>    IS and allow for it so there is NO overlap of the default Client
>    GUI window and TaskBar, or just set the default to non-fullscreen
>    (aka Windowed).
> Thanks for a really great GAME!!  =)

Thanks for a detailed report!

This is actually a known issue. The current workaround is to go to
'View'->'Fullscreen' then save settings and restart the client. The bug
is that You have to restart for this to take effect.


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