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Hi all,

Some days ago I gave the new Freeciv v2.1.0 a test run. I really like the new 
theme! It makes Freeciv look more like a game and not like a mail client. ;-)

Living in Switzerland, I use the German localization. While the localization 
of strings was high quality, I was a little irritated to see dollar symbols 
used for the tax in the new theme. To quote gettext (see 
"There are many attributes that are needed to define a country's cultural 
conventions. These attributes include beside the country's native language, 
the formatting of the date and time, the representation of numbers, the 
symbols for currency, etc."

I would really prefer an agnostic symbol for tax (e.g. a "neutral" coin).

Only as a secondary option I would like to be able to localize the tax symbol. 
But, as far as I understand the source code, everything is hardwired in the 
tileset spec files. Would it be possible to make this more flexible, if we do 
not get a better default tax symbol?

Greetings & Thank you very much for a great game!


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