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You're overreacting.

> [wsimpson - Wed Nov 14 23:58:10 2007]:
> Jason Dorje Short wrote:
> > SDL client, but it probably happens on any client.  If the text.c 
> > function gets called for an unknown tile then ptile->terrain is NULL.
> > 
> No, it doesn't!!!  Which you would have known had you bothered to check!!!
> That's a *BUG* in the SDL client!!!

Perhaps, but fixing bugs like that should take second precedence to
fixing crashes.  And SDL client patches are in general outside of my
scope, whereas the text.c code I am intimately familiar with.

> Furthermore, I've been told for many months not to add new translated
> strings to 2.1.

That's a mixed bag.  You should not add or change text that is going to
be seen by users and confuse them.  Adding an untranslated string to
replace a crash is a different story - I'm quite sure users would rather
see garbage text than see a crash.

> Worse, this length of text is completely out of scale for the popup!

Works for me.  Text formatting is an issue however.

> Worst, you stuck it before the debug data, instead of next to the rest of
> the terrain text, ruining *all* existing clients to fix a bug in SDL.

Other clients don't show the popup in the unknown-tile case so behavior
is unchanged for them.

> Finally, you did it to all branches, without waiting for review.

This is justified for a simple crash-fix patch.

> I'm immediately replacing your patch, to at least use an existing string,
> and not screw up the entire project on a commonly seen tile just days
> before another release.

Naturally I have no objections to a better fix.

> But fixing the SDL client bug itself would be best....

Yeah. I still don't think the text.c function should crash if given a
bad tile though.  And as a player I don't know if no popup is better
than a semi-informative one that might be of (small) use to new players.


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