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> [bhudson - Mon Jun 27 00:31:12 2005]:
> Look at the caravan halfway between Munster and Stuttgart.  The next two
> tiles have engineers/workers almost done building rails, but the caravan
> moves before they finish, so it ends up in Stuttgart instead of its
> destination, Kiel.

Interesting.  This is indeed a bug that works exactly as described
(reproducable in S2_1 13981).  If you leave the goto on, at turn end the
caravan moves to end up 3 spaces forward then the engineers complete
their production of railroads.  If you take goto off then on turn end
the engineers complete the railroads and redoing the identical goto at
the start of the next turn will get the caravan all the way to its final

The bug is in the order of operations at the end of turn.  This is and
has been a large and complex issue that we've avoided doing micro-fixes
on.  Ideally it should have a full rewrite with a dependency graph (this
issue has its own ticket somewhere).

Another effect is probably that if you do connect you complete your
roads faster since you move and enter the road activity before road
construction is calculated, thus not having to "waste" a turn to move
between each road spot.


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