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As mentioned in PR#23078, somebody in the not too distant past tried to
change main menu _Edit to _Government, then Gover_nment (gtk2) and
Gov_ernment (win32).  Obviously, 'G' and 'O' and 'V' are already taken
on the main menu.

In general, this didn't work out too well, because of hidden conflicts
with the shortcut.  In fact, looking forward to 2.2, it would have made
more sense to combine with the Editor main menu.

Certainly, worklists aren't related to government.  They are editable.

I understand that changing government is directly related, and changing
taxes is somehow related.  Still, human interface guidelines expect Edit
at this location on the menu bar.

Heck, I'd be willing to support _Change instead, but _Chat conflicts.

Would folks be willing to use ' to activate the chat window, as is common
in other games, including commercial civ?

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