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It's not as complicated as it seems to be :)

Basically, AC_GGZ_CHECK is just a wrapper macro for all the other GGZ 
macros. The individual macros work fine, but AC_GGZ_CHECK called 
AC_GGZ_INIT without telling it to consider the default search 
directories such as /usr.
I propose using the latest ggz.m4 from GGZ SVN. As a quick fix, make 
AC_GGZ_CHECK call AC_GGZ_INIT([defaults]).

As for the Debian package, all the --with-blah-dir can now be removed 
if --prefix=/usr. On the other hand, please add support for 
registering Freeciv with the GGZ game module database by using 
the --enable-noregistry switch.
Documentation for it:


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