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First of all, the described behavior then is different from the 2.0.9
version. There it was that if you crossed the limit once (more than 13
cities) you got one unhappy citizen. But if you crossed the limit again
(26 cities), nothing happened. Even with 100 cities you had only one
additional unhappy citizen per city.
Ok. Rules may change. I'm fine with that.

But now I inspected the behavior in 2.1 more in detail. And I've
attached 4 games to explain my situation.
At age 550bc I have 26 cities, thats over the 13 city limit and so I
have one unhappy citizen in each city with 4 or more citizens.
Then I've added 3 games. One at the start of round 525bc. There I have
the same situation. 3rd game, founded one more city. Now I am at 27
cities, thats 14 over the limit of 13. Still one unhappy.
Last game, another city founded. Now I am at 28 cities, thats 15 over
the limit of 13. And now I have 2 additional unhappy ones in each city
with 4 or more citizens.
Why is the second unhappy one added at a different value? Will the 3rd
unhappy one be added by a city count of 45 (13+15+17)? Or when will it

> [jdorje - Sat Nov 24 20:32:09 2007]:
> > [guest - Mon Nov 05 15:18:53 2007]:
> > 
> > Hi Freeciv Team
> > 
> > I'm just wondering if it is a feature or really a bug. Plying freeciv
> > 2.1 for some days and found a difference in the happiness to the
> > previous encountered game behavior.
> > Right now I am ruling with a republic, and the rules tell me that I 
> have
> > 4 content players in each city up to a level of 13 cities. If I cross
> > that limit I have 3 content and 1 unhappy. And now comes the bug (or 
> new
> > feature?), if I cross that limit again with 27 cities, then I have 2
> > content and 2 unhappy workers. Is this wanted?
> Pretty sure it is the intended behavior, yes.  IIRC the setting is 
> called empire_size_inc and gives 1 extra unhappy citizen for each (in 
> this case) 13 cities.
> What do the rules (docs) say?  Something different?
> -jason

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