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Daniel Markstedt wrote:
> How about something like Council or Throne Room or Assembly etc. Please 
> give suggestions!
Civ2 used Kingdom.  Anyway, it's a bad idea.  Everything related to
editing should be under the Edit menu.

> Please don't change this in 2.1. 

OK.  I've already written the patch for 2.1, but svn revert works....

I will change Gover_nment to Gov_ernment, so gui-gtk2 matches gui-win32,
to eliminate the conflict with other _n's.  No po changes.

> Do you mean Revolution?
> How about putting the Editor functions under Game? 

No, let's put Revolution under Game, instead.

Of course, as I mentioned earlier, it really needs to be activated by
clicking on the current government icon in the pane, just like changing
tax rates.  But they are supposed to have a parallel menu item, too.

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