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This patch applies to the 2.1.1 server.

This patch adds a preprocessor #define constant called
MAX_SETTLER_STACK, which defines how many settler-like
units (settlers, engineers, workers) can be stacked on one
space during auto-settle.  The default value is set to 1, which
means that this patch will have almost zero difference in functional
behavior; presumably if this is adopted, a future change will allow
this to be changed via a game-setting flag.

When MAX_SETTLER_STACK is set to a number greater than
1, auto-settling will be more efficient when there are more
settler-like units than there are spaces with tasks.

Other notes:

* The main bit of backwards-compatibility that has been sacrificed
is the tie-breaker rule between settlers that want to go to the
same place and will take the same amount of time; previously,
whichever settler was closer in true geographic distance would
"win"; now, the winner is purely on a first-come-first-serve basis
(which means the unit with the smaller index, probably).

* priority code hasn't been changed or weighted to account for
settlers that are already on the space.  It's certainly possible that
a large group of settlers will not necessarily pick the most efficient
way in tandem to achieve the remaining tasks.

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