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Update: Savegames are becomming corrupted if i leave and go back to an earlier 
save game and then go forward, it is like it is combining the two past and 
present savegames into one??

For example:

If i go a few years, autosave..., autosave..., autosave... then i manual save, 
then i go back to a previous autosave and go forward, then i go back again and 
go forward...  Some where in there i get corruption and i have to go even 
further back to recover a working saved game.

How do i turn OFF the automatic saving of games as i exit?  If i load a save 
game and make a few moves or even just exit it overwrites a saved game on exit, 
no warning, no confirmation, no choice, it just does this!!  

This is very wrong behavior...  I will try and see if i can send files that 
show exactly this corruption in progress, but don't wait for me to fix this bug.

Really awesome game folks!!!  Thanks!!

During game play i left and loaded an auto save game, but i can no longer Meet 
AI Players to offer or negotiate!?  I wonder what or why the savegame 

I'm attaching the save game, my system is WinXP + Freeciv-2.1.1-gtk2.

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