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Jason Dorje Short wrote:
> What was F4 used for previously?
Assuming this was once like civ1/2, the Fn keys were:

F1 City Status (similar to Freeciv)
F2 Military Advisor/DEFENSE MINISTER (similar to Freeciv, plus statistics)
F3 Intelligence Advisor/FOREIGN MINISTER (other nations)
F4 Attitude Advisor (per city happiness)
F5 Trade Advisor (per city income/costs, plus commodity supply and demand)
F6 Science Advisor (similar to Freeciv)
F10 World Map (unused in civ2)

Since Freeciv seems to have combined most of F1, F4, and F5, perhaps just
move Cities to F4, and Map to F1.  That would probably be least confusing
to existing users.

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