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For a long time, I've been fixing these as I see them, but that's only
where they are affected by something else I'm doing.

Here's some recent examples:

--- po/cs.po    (revision 14163)

  #: client/gui-gtk-2.0/gui_main.c:1490
  #, fuzzy
-msgid "_Do not observe"
-msgstr "%s nyní pozoruje %s"
+msgid "Do not _observe"
+msgstr "nyní _pozoruje"

--- po/pt_BR.po (revision 14163)

  #: client/gui-gtk-2.0/pages.c:1437
  #, fuzzy
-msgid "_AI Skill Level:"
-msgstr "Nível de depuração \"%s\" incorrecto.\n"
+msgid "AI Skill _Level:"
+msgstr "Nível de _depuração:"

As you can see, this was fuzzy before I touched it, with %s in the msgstr,
while the msgid has none!  Presumably, there was an old msgid somewhere,
and po scripts matched strictly on the number of matching characters,
without regard to the msgid c-format.

As you all know, when this message pops up, it would look for pointers
for the strings, and crash!

I've also seen this with %d from time to time.

Are these the most recent po scripts?

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