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Following up on reports about lists (PR#19049), found similar items at:

   client/text.c popup_info_text()
     There are differences between S2_1 and S2_2 -- in the latter, somebody
     tried adding ?blist: qualifiers to each component.

     Also, S2_2 adds "?blistlast: and ", not present in S2_1.  Clever, but
     not correctly implemented.

   client/gui-sdl/mapview.c redraw_unit_info_label()
     Somewhat annoyingly, this is #if 0 not compiled, but still shows up in
     the translation pot!

     However, this seems to be where the ?blistbegin: came from, it is in
     both S2_1 and S2_2.

   client/gui-sdl/helpdlg.c redraw_tech_info_dlg()
     Somewhat worse, this has "( with " -- a construct nobody would normally
     use -- why the extra space?  I cannot figure out what text actually is
     added in this list.

Obviously, this is a general problem....

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