Freeciv maintainers, contributors and dev-list lurkers,

After talking with numerous people, reviewing old postings, thinking about
the situation, and waiting for a convenient time,
I would like to submit this proposal to the current freeciv maintainers as a
first step to re-integrating the "unofficial"
freeciv warclient project with freeciv proper. My goal is to find an
agreeable balance where the freeciv project can
gain from our (i.e. warclient project's) multiplayer-oriented feature base
and extra programming help (certainly more
c programmers, even if not top-notch, would help, no?), and we can gain from
wider distribution of our codebase by
being intergrated under the freeciv name.

Thus I
volunteer myself as the "liason" between our two projects; with your
blessing I would become a freeciv maintainer
with cvs write access to port warclient features, improve multiplayer
related code, and generally provide my input as a
member of the freeciv multiplayer community. Other warclient programmers, if
porting something for freeciv proper,
would first make their changes to our 2.1 (or later) branch, then I
would check over and test the changes, post a
and summary here, and
finally commit it to the appropriate place in freeciv proper if there
are no objections.
In such a way, the warclient project would become a "multiplayer
alpha-version freeciv".

Later when our two projects (hopefully) converge more, and warclient
programmers have become more skilled (we learn
fast :)), they can choose to become freeciv contributors if they so choose.

I hope we can agree that having this (compatible) fork of freeciv is not
beneficial in the long run and that we all stand
to gain if we learn to work together to produce a better project. Now I
would like to bring up an issue that indeed has
served to widen the gap between our two projects, namely the
unfair treatement of contributors when trying to
help this project in the past. Although he is certainly not the only one,
Mr. William Allen Simpson has, as I have been
told, put-off many people from wanting to contribute further to the freeciv
project due to his excessive manner in
dealing with them (please Mr. Simpson, if you would be so kind, read and
consider the comments in this thread
starting around this post Surely most people
are not as
experienced or skilled as you are, so I grant you
some height from which you may look down on people, but would it
not be much better in the long run, if
instead you, Mr. Simpson, helped them to improve so that in the future they
may in turn help you with some tedious work that you yourself find
loathsome? Certainly I have found that to be
the case helping people contribute to the warclient project.

Now I admit that I am not all-seeing and all-knowing so obviously I may
have neglected to take into account some
essential information somewhere, so I hope any of the involved parties will
stand up to correct me.

Wishing all the best for the freeciv project in the year to come,
Madeline Book (a.k.a. book)
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