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Agro Rachmatullah wrote:
> However, the server sends Japanese message to all players (e.g., turn
> X starts)! Which means it will irritate people that can't understand
> Japanese. 

I also reported this problem in PR#39979, fixing the login messages.  This
will be released in 2.1.3.  Other messages will have to wait for 2.2.0 or
beyond, as they require extensive network packet format changes.

> Every client should be able to report its preferred language to the
> server. The server then should send messages with language appropriate
> for each client, or if not possible, in English.
Your solution is not currently possible.  Every client has the *.po files
for all languages.  All messages should be sent to every client in the
(ASCII msgid) canonical form without translation.  Each client translates
to the appropriate local language.

This will require a complete revision of the notify system, probably
closely matching the event system (each notify message is usually followed
by an event message).  This requires the variable parameters to be sent to
the client in a canonical form.  Perhaps the systems can be merged.

This also requires the unified object numbering system (PR#39476) and the
struct universal revisions (PR#39515) be completed, started about 6 months

To summarize: known problem, I'm working on it!  I've spent the better part
of 7 months cleaning up the translation code, beginning with PR#39383.  Not
what I'd intended to work on here (I was working on the new terrain), but
there was such a mess, it was too hard to add new things properly.

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