On Jan 14, 2008 6:56 PM, Tess Lomax <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I just installed freeciv from source using make && make install on a
> twin dual core opteron. (Tyan K8SE mobo (s2892 mobo), dual 285 cpus, 2Gb
> Reg.ECC RAM, NVidia 6800GT], running x86-64 SL5 (RHEL5).
> The program runs as far as the end of the first turn. When the button to
> complete the turn is pushed, or one attempts to build a city - the
> program crashes, and goes back to the start page.
> The error message is that the session has lost contact with the server.
> The program runs fine on a Tyan K8E (s2865 mobo) running an opteron 180
> cpu, and using the i386 version of SL5.

Odds are good this is a bug in freeciv brought out by your
architecture.  But we need more information.  When the server crashes,
can you get a backtrace?

> ./civ
... (server crashes on turn done, exit the client, there will be a
file left called core or core.*)
> gdb server/civserver core
> bt full

Then copy the output from there and email it to [EMAIL PROTECTED]


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