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Christian Knoke wrote:
> .... The best approach is a GUI option that allows setting of
> the game name and how often it is saved. These options in the GUI are
> already there, they are just not accessible when you start a game (See
> "Start new game" --> "More game options" --> "Internal"), they are shown
> as "(hidden)". It looks to me as it were simple to change this.
Sorry, I don't think Daniel (or I) understood the original report.  I don't
remember seeing that "(hidden)" before, but recently saw the string in the
freeciv.pot file, so now I know it's in there somewhere....

I don't understand why this is hidden, the original reporter was correct,
they could be shown for the hack/first player, and hidden for other players.

> A smaller point, but seems easy to fix, too, is, the "Turns per
> autosave" option (accesible once you're in game) goes 0, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10,
> so I can't set "1" without keyboard use. ;)
That *should* be simple to fix.

> If I'm right, and these are easy to fix, I'd really like to this soon. I
> stumble on it each and every game.
Not really easy, but a good idea!  Put the save name on the new game page,
just like number of players.

I'll look into it for 2.2.

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