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As I exit (/quit) the server after playing the game reported in 40075 
and 40068 I get the following valgrind warning:

==12774== Invalid read of size 4
==12774==    at 0x80F3939: map_get_player_base (maphand.c:1192)
==12774==    by 0x80F36ED: player_map_free (maphand.c:1137)
==12774==    by 0x80C9F58: server_game_free (srv_main.c:2173)
==12774==    by 0x80C7F8A: server_quit (srv_main.c:1029)
==12774==    by 0x80D2CC5: quit_game (stdinhand.c:3450)
==12774==    by 0x80D3691: handle_stdin_input (stdinhand.c:3636)
==12774==    by 0x80C3B3B: handle_readline_input_callback (sernet.c:187)
==12774==    by 0x4062891: rl_callback_read_char (in 
==12774==    by 0x80C4C62: server_sniff_all_input (sernet.c:690)
==12774==    by 0x80C966E: srv_running (srv_main.c:1843)
==12774==    by 0x80C9FB5: srv_main (srv_main.c:2194)
==12774==    by 0x804B205: main (civserver.c:267)
==12774==  Address 0x5391ca0 is 192 bytes inside a block of size 256 free'd
==12774==    at 0x402365C: free (vg_replace_malloc.c:323)
==12774==    by 0x81582E3: pf_destroy_path (path_finding.c:792)
==12774==    by 0x814B5DA: ai_unit_goto_constrained (aitools.c:489)
==12774==    by 0x814BDDC: ai_unit_goto (aitools.c:814)
==12774==    by 0x815157D: ai_caravan_goto (aiunit.c:1855)
==12774==    by 0x8151693: ai_manage_caravan (aiunit.c:1934)
==12774==    by 0x81520D1: ai_manage_unit (aiunit.c:2230)
==12774==    by 0x81526D8: ai_manage_units (aiunit.c:2366)
==12774==    by 0x814368D: ai_do_first_activities (aihand.c:439)
==12774==    by 0x80C70CB: ai_start_phase (srv_main.c:590)
==12774==    by 0x80C74E8: begin_phase (srv_main.c:722)
==12774==    by 0x80C95F6: srv_running (srv_main.c:1814)
==12774==    by 0x80C9FB5: srv_main (srv_main.c:2194)
==12774==    by 0x804B205: main (civserver.c:267)

Did I mention that running the server under valgrind is incredibly slow 
(up to several minutes per turn in early game)?

Also of interest:

==12774== LEAK SUMMARY:
==12774==    definitely lost: 46,461 bytes in 965 blocks.
==12774==      possibly lost: 0 bytes in 0 blocks.
==12774==    still reachable: 242,207 bytes in 2,248 blocks.
==12774==         suppressed: 0 bytes in 0 blocks.
==12774== Rerun with --leak-check=full to see details of leaked memory.


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