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==13440== Invalid read of size 4
==13440==    at 0x80F3939: map_get_player_base (maphand.c:1192)
==13440==    by 0x80F5073: map_claim_ownership (maphand.c:1756)
==13440==    by 0x80F5691: map_claim_border (maphand.c:1873)
==13440==    by 0x80F57C5: map_calculate_borders (maphand.c:1904)
==13440==    by 0x80C78DB: end_turn (srv_main.c:833)
==13440==    by 0x80C96ED: srv_running (srv_main.c:1867)
==13440==    by 0x80C9FB5: srv_main (srv_main.c:2194)
==13440==    by 0x804B205: main (civserver.c:267)
==13440==  Address 0x4feee00 is 8 bytes inside a block of size 12 free'd
==13440==    at 0x402365C: free (vg_replace_malloc.c:323)
==13440==    by 0x805038E: genlist_free (genlist.c:64)
==13440==    by 0x8068F63: unit_list_free (speclist.h:130)
==13440==    by 0x8068F28: destroy_city_virtual (city.c:2576)
==13440==    by 0x8148A12: cityresult_fill (aisettler.c:264)
==13440==    by 0x8149726: city_desirability (aisettler.c:415)
==13440==    by 0x8149A8D: settler_map_iterate (aisettler.c:500)
==13440==    by 0x8149EB3: find_best_city_placement (aisettler.c:622)
==13440==    by 0x81212A9: contemplate_new_city (settlers.c:1316)
==13440==    by 0x813C509: ai_manage_cities (aicity.c:1706)
==13440==    by 0x814372E: ai_do_last_activities (aihand.c:463)
==13440==    by 0x80C7719: end_phase (srv_main.c:784)
==13440==    by 0x80C96B1: srv_running (srv_main.c:1859)
==13440==    by 0x80C9FB5: srv_main (srv_main.c:2194)
==13440==    by 0x804B205: main (civserver.c:267)

Same error, this time I get it by running the server standalone: load 
the savegame from 40068, aitoggle the human player, set timeout to 5, 
and start it.  It doesn't happen until about year +40.


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