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> [EMAIL PROTECTED] - Fri Feb 22 21:58:32 2008]:
> Hello,
> first of all i want to thank you all the work you put in this game. I
>    really enjoy playing civ (for free).
> I have found out that parachute troops disapear when you let them
>    parachute into enemy cities. I figure this is a bug, since there is
>    no message or combat sound at all, and i havent found it on the
>    list, so i thought id tell you...
> My OS is Windows XP
> My Freeciv is version 2.1.4
> To trigger the "bug" simply parachute a parachute trooper into an
>    enemy city with troops in it.Sorry to bother, hope this helps,
>    thanks again for freeciv,

Paratroopers die if they parachute onto a tile with an enemy
unit on it; this is a game rule. I agree that there should be
some kind of message to the user to notify them that this has
happened. There is already a ticket for this: PR#39938.

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