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> [wsimpson - Sun Feb 24 12:55:07 2008]:
> Madeline Book wrote:
> > Spies and diplomats do not have the Partial_Invis flag.
> This is a bug.  These units should not show up until
> adjacent to cities, and should be completely invisible to
> passing units.

I apologize for half-replying to this in the other ticket
(PR#40110), I did not notice that you started a new ticket
for it until after I had posted that reply.

Anyway, for this rule change I would like to know your
source (in what version of civ is that the case?), since
in the default, civ1, and civ2 rulesets, diplomats and
spies do not have Partial_Invis, and as far as I know they
never did. Is this something in civ3? If so it would be
nice to have this then in a civ3 ruleset (analogously to
the civ1 and civ2 ruleset directories under data/) so that
the expected behaviour (no "stealth") is preserved in the
default ruleset.

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