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> On Sun, Feb 24, 2008 at 6:46 PM, Madeline Book
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> >  > This is a bug.  These units should not show up until
> >  > adjacent to cities, and should be completely invisible to
> >  > passing units.
> It is not a bug. Also, making diplomats partially invisible would
> upset a game balanced already tilted too much in favour of diplomats
> and spies as it is.

I concur that giving diplomatic units Partial_Invis would be
unbalancing for gameplay, based on my multiplayer experience.
There is no compelling reason why they should have this perk
in the default ruleset.

As for emulation of the other civ versions, I checked the
civ1 manual and my own recall and it does not indicate that
diplomats behave this way (spies do not exist in civ1).

I further checked the rules.txt file for civ2 (and the
manual) and it does not appear to me that spies (and
certainly not diplomats) have a submarine-like invisibility
(i.e. the Partial_Invis flag in freeciv or unit flag
000000000001000 in civ2 rules.txt parlance). But it is
possible that it is hardcoded into the civ2 program and
not documented anywhere that I looked.

Finally I perused the civ3 manual and found that to be, in
terms of diplomacy and espionage, a very different game
entirely. ;)

So I would conclude that diplomatic units must not have
the Partial_Invis flag in the default ruleset (for gameplay
balancing considerations and preserving the status quo), and
neither should they have this flag in the civ1,2,3 emulation

If anyone has verifiable sources or reasonable arguments to
contest these conclusions, please share.

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