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On 04/03/2008, Madeline Book  wrote:
>  Please berate me if the format of this submission could be
>  improved. On the one hand this way you see each of my local
>  git commits, can pick and choose in great detail, and changes
>  are nicely separated from each other. On the other hand it
>  might be more convenient for submission and examination (e.g.
>  one later patch undoes a change in an earlier patch, which
>  would be kind of confusing if the patchs are read from first
>  to last) if the patchs were rolled into one big lovely clump.

 I love small patches doing just one thing! Rolling several unrelated
changes to one diff just makes it  harder to see what each logical
change actually is, and how it's implemented.
 There's problem with tickets with many patches, though. If patches
get committed one at a time, tracking them can get quite confusing.

 Some random notes.

 I think 001 goes to wrong direction. Entering and leaving editor mode
should be clearly marked. Current implementation is not ideal, but
better than nothing.

 0012 - We fix formatting only when we touch code in question. Less
noise in 'svn diff' that way.

 - ML

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