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> [EMAIL PROTECTED] - Thu Mar 27 22:50:50 2008]:
> On 04/03/2008, Madeline Book  wrote:
> >  Please berate me if the format of this submission could be
> >  improved. On the one hand this way you see each of my local
> >  git commits, can pick and choose in great detail, and changes
> >  are nicely separated from each other. On the other hand it
> >  might be more convenient for submission and examination (e.g.
> >  one later patch undoes a change in an earlier patch, which
> >  would be kind of confusing if the patchs are read from first
> >  to last) if the patchs were rolled into one big lovely clump.
>  I love small patches doing just one thing! Rolling several unrelated
> changes to one diff just makes it  harder to see what each logical
> change actually is, and how it's implemented.
>  There's problem with tickets with many patches, though. If patches
> get committed one at a time, tracking them can get quite confusing.

I think I could have done a better job merging these patchs
so that unrelated changes are still separated but there are
less patchs in total (and no backtracking in the changes).

>  Some random notes.
>  I think 001 goes to wrong direction. Entering and leaving editor mode
> should be clearly marked. Current implementation is not ideal, but
> better than nothing.

I changed the message again in a later patch (cf. 9 and 11).
As I said it is confusing to directly post the git commits
since later work might undo earlier changes (or "mistakes" as
would be the case here). :|
>  0012 - We fix formatting only when we touch code in question. Less
> noise in 'svn diff' that way.

Yes, I agree, and will avoid needless formatting changes
in the future.

Since this patchset is all centered around the edit mode
checkitem, and all of the changes together are not that
numerous, I will resubmit this as one patch (or perhaps a
few), also taking into account your suggestions.


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