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On 01/04/2008, Per I. Mathisen  wrote:
>  Why, though? Are you really sure you want to risk your sanity by using
>  libtool?

 This was originally part of #40144, where I first almost lost my
sanity because of not using libtool. Libtool convenience libraries
make it easier to handle all these interdependencies between our

> There will be additional problems from people who cannot find
>  the shared library after running 'make install' (because they don't
>  have /usr/local/lib in /etc/ld.conf, or whatever).

 Good point. I'll see if something can be done to avoid that. Of
course, we could use libtool only to build convenience libraries, and
not shared libraries at all...

 I assume that some users (with embedded platforms) would like the
memory saving of server and client using same shared libfreeciv.
 stripped libfreeciv.so: 760k.
 stripped civserver with static linking: 1530k
 stripped civserver with dynamic linking: 252k
 stripped civclient with static linking: 1292k
 stripped civclient with dynamic linking: 813k
 Static total: 1530k+1292k = 2822k
 Dynamic total: 252k + 813k + 760k = 1825k

 One possible, if unlikely, development with libtool would be
plugin-interface for AI.

 - ML

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