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> [cazf...@gmail.com - Thu Jan 08 00:15:25 2009]:
> 2008/11/10 Marko Lindqvist:
> >
> > About status of this ticket: Some windows compilations (SDL
> > client, build with nls) fail with this patch.
> Fixed.
> Please test. I plan to commit this version if nobody
> reports problems.

I tested the patch on linux with the gtk, sdl and xaw
clients configured and it seems to work well.

Maybe dummy.c could be renamed civclient.c and the
existing civclient.[ch] renamed to client.[ch]? Or
perhaps client_main.[ch] would be a better name,
since there is already "clinet". It's just that
calling it "dummy" makes it look like a hack... :/

I guess it should have the full copyright notice
at the top too, and a comment about where the real
civclient "main" function is, in case future would-
be programmers go looking for it there.

> +# FIXME: Server library is calling AI functions.
> +#        We should get rid of this dependency.

I agree that this should be addressed; it really
deserves its own full ticket.


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