To FreeCiv devs:

I understand that your primary goal is 100% rules compatibility with
Civilization II, so you decided to implement to the game a global
warming model.
However, for sake of reality, I'd really like to see an option to turn
it off. The global warming is only a part of climate change cycle,
which humans have nearly no control on. In CivII, however, it's caused
by human-made pollution. Implementing such an unproved theory in game
that aims to give good simulation of civilization development, can
spoil the whole game experience for realism lovers.
If you believe Gore and the others, it's your decision, we live in
free countries. However, turning the global warming off can really
improve realism for many player that think the opposite.
If you rather think that turning off the global warming destroys the
realism, well, so does torus-shaped globe...

How 'bout a worker unit and global army maintenance, like in CivIII?

Yours sincerely
Karol S.

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