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Should the tile on which a city with a Supermarket sits automatically
get the benefit of farmland, similar to auto-irrigation?

Currently (2.1.3), I'm sure it doesn't -- I have to irrigate a city tile
twice in order to see an increase in food output once I've built a

I found this code in common/city.c:base_get_output_tile(), which seems
to indicate that the _intention_ was to give the city tile the benefit
of farmland. I haven't worked out why it's seemingly having no effect,
when all the other code nearby appears to be effective.

  if (pcity && is_city_center(city_x, city_y)
      && pterrain == pterrain->irrigation_result
      && terrain_control.may_irrigate) {
    /* The center tile is auto-irrigated. */
    tile_set_special(&tile, S_IRRIGATION);

    if (player_knows_techs_with_flag(city_owner(pcity), TF_FARMLAND)) {
      tile_set_special(&tile, S_FARMLAND);

The Wiki claimed that this did happen, until I edited it recently:
However, I find that I'm also the source for the original assertion:
which suggests that the game behaviour has changed since 2005 (although
I have no recollection of this).

What's the correct behaviour here?

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