Elmo Todurov wrote:
> Jason Dorje Short wrote:
>> Elmo Todurov wrote:
>>> A long time ago, I made those two scripts,
>>> po/statistics.rb
>>> po/statistics.sh
>>> They msgfmt --stat each language and then sort and display the
>>> languages according to their number of messages translated.
>>> They are in S2_1 branch right now.
>>> Seeing how 2.1 will soon be abandoned, should I drag those files to
>>> other branches/trunk as well?
>>> If I'm the only one who uses them, I could just copy them over when I
>>> need it. However, if there is market for that feature, they should be
>>> dragged along.
>>> Your opinions?
>> What is the script that does/did generate similar statistics for the 
>> web site?
>> As I recall that was hosted purely on www.freeciv.org and is probably 
>> obsolete now.  So it would be nice to have a similar thing in the 
>> codebase.  But then how can we get the web site to automatically 
>> update to show these statistics?
> Uh.. I could probably lump together a quick hack that generates the 
> results as HTML or XML or whatever you prefer. It could then be executed 
> by a cronjob or something. The website might simply link to the static 
> page generated by it (or iframe it or something). Should I do this?

That is about what the old system did.  But where will it be hosted now? 
  And how will it be integrated with the wiki web site?


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