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New version of the patch for anyone interested:


1) should now compile for any graphical library (but will still only  
affect gtk2, all other libraries will draw straight lines.  If anyone  
is familiar with xaw,win32,ftwl... and sees merit in the idea perhaps  
they might modify the implementations to suit (it also makes a rather  
easy starting project)

2) Cleaned up variables and tweaked some values to improve line  


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On 30 Apr 2008, at 22:27, Madeline Book wrote:

> <URL: http://bugs.freeciv.org/Ticket/Display.html?id=40221 >
> When compiling with --enable-debug I get this warning/error:
> canvas.c: In function `canvas_put_bezier_line':
> canvas.c:301: warning: unused variable `end_x'
> Hopefully it really is just unneeded and can be removed.
> Otherwise, the curved lines look nice and work as expected.
> Perhaps cairo could be used to make the lines anti-aliased? ;)
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